Tajikistan Extradited to Russia a Native of Ossetia, the Wife of an ISIS Recruiter


Tajikistan has extradited to Russia Madina Bondarenko, a native of North Ossetia, the wife of an militant of the Islamic State extremist group Parviz Saidrakhmonov, known as Abu Dovud. The latter was detained by Turkish special services. The militant was extradited from Turkey to his homeland in September 2022, along with his wife and children, Radio Ozodi writes .

At the end of last year, a Dushanbe court sentenced Saidrakhmonov to 21 years in prison on charges of committing several crimes, in particular, recruiting and participating in hostilities on the territory of a foreign state, organizing a terrorist organization.

The authorities have not officially confirmed his wife’s extradition to Russia, but Oksana Dzheylieva, Bondarenko’s mother, told Radio Ozodi on May 13 that she was on a date with her daughter in a pre-trial detention center in North Ossetia three weeks ago.

“A criminal case has been opened against my daughter for cooperation with ISIS and membership in this organization. My daughter was deceived into Syria. I hired a lawyer and now we are trying to prove that my daughter is innocent,” the interlocutor said.

Bondarenko was expelled from Turkey to Tajikistan along with four children. Jeylieva said that three of them are the children of her daughter, and the fourth child is from the Tajik wife of Parviz Saidrakhmonov.

“One of my grandchildren is from my daughter’s first husband, and he is a Russian citizen. Two granddaughters are from Parviz. I want my three grandchildren to be handed over to me too,” she said.

Where the children of Madina Bondarenko are kept in Tajikistan is unknown.

The interlocutor said that her daughter met and married Saidrakhmonov in Russia in 2013 after a divorce from her first husband. According to her, “Abu Dovud” deceived her daughter into Syria in 2017.

Then, in 2018, “Abu Dovud”, together with his wife and children, tried to escape, but was detained by Turkish special services. Since 2019, Tajikistan has requested the extradition of Saidrakhmonov from Turkey four times, and only last year Ankara handed him over.

The Tajik authorities consider Saidrakhmonov one of the most dangerous recruiters and preachers of IS ideas. “Abu Dovud” was suspected of several terrorist attacks in Tajikistan, Russia and Sweden At the request of Russia, he was on the list of wanted persons of Interpol.

According to official data, in 2013-2015. about 2,000 Tajik citizens left the country to join ISIS. Several hundred are known to have died during the fighting in Syria and Iraq, and some of those who returned home were granted amnesty or sentenced to lengthy prison terms.​

Source: kavkazr