American Allies Are Gone! China Filling the Vacancy of the United States?


The United States may be a bit disturbed recently. According to the website of the US “Politics”, almost none of the US allies really wholeheartedly support the view of the Cold War against China!

It can be said that this is on point! Today, the world economy is facing the impact of a series of uncertain factors such as high inflation and the spread of the banking crisis. However, the United States, the world’s largest economy, insists on challenging China, and even wants to pull its allies to decouple from China. Such a stupid behavior, who would follow suit?

Many U.S. allies bluntly stated that if the U.S. government is obsessed with trying to isolate China, it will bring them economic “pain”!

Because the Cold War mentality has long been a thing of the past, and now almost no US ally is willing to wholeheartedly support the Cold War view against China. This can be concluded from the recent rush of European leaders to visit China!

Especially French President Emmanuel Macron, he was on full fire and began to anger the American model. After returning from a visit to China, Macron said, “Being an ally does not mean becoming a vassal… It does not mean that we do not have the right to think for ourselves”. He even said that Europe must strengthen its strategic autonomy, resist the pressure to become a “follower of the United States”, and avoid getting involved in the confrontation between China and the United States on the Taiwan issue.

It should be said that this is tantamount to touching the core issue in Sino-US relations! The United States has always wanted to use Taiwan Island to contain China, but its allies do not intend to wade into this muddy water!

This has already made Biden very angry, but Macron, who has only his last term left, doesn’t care about Biden’s feelings at all! He even accused that the meeting between Cai Ni and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives McCarthy in California was a kind of “provocation”!

It seems that Macron is going to release all the uselessness he has suffered over the years. Because, regardless of the fact that the United States claims to be an ally of European countries, allies are also far and near. The least favored by the United States should be Türkiye and Hungary. Some time ago, Biden convened the so-called democratic summit, and even invited India, but did not invite Turkey, the NATO ally of the United States, which made Erdogan very upset. As soon as he turned around, he negotiated with Putin, preparing to speed up the construction of a natural gas hub in Turkey to transport natural gas from Russia to Eastern European countries!

Seeing this scene, Biden may go crazy! Because this will make Biden’s sanctions on Russian energy completely useless!

In fact, this really cannot be blamed on the rebellion of the allies of the United States. It can only be blamed on the fact that the leader of the United States is too inhuman!

For its own self-interest, the United States has set up multiple groups within groups and dismantled its own platform, which is really hilarious. These subgroups are:

The North American group includes Canada and Mexico; the Five Eyes group includes the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; and the chip group includes the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and TSMC…

However, in the face of so many small groups, it is impossible for the United States to be equal. Therefore, due to the uneven distribution of benefits, the phenomenon of dog eating dog often occurs.

This has made it increasingly difficult to reconcile the conflicts among U.S. allies, and there is even a risk of total collapse. A few days ago, Saudi Arabia, an ally of the United States in the Middle East, turned against the United States and shook hands with the enemy of the United States to make peace. This seems to indicate that the influence of the United States in the Middle East has dropped significantly, and it will give way to China!

Recently, at the Boao Forum for Asia, Martin Jacques, a senior researcher at the University of Cambridge, said at the scene, “China has actually replaced the status of the United States and has become the leader and leader of global investment. The way China contributes is very different from that of the United States. different.”

Especially in the field of electric vehicles, China surpassed the United States and Germany last year to become the world’s second largest exporter of automobiles. Some people even predict that in the next three years, China will overtake Japan and become the world’s largest car exporter!

However, this scene seems to have happened overnight! Because China has always been a treasure land for the world’s auto giants to make money. The streets are full of foreign-funded cars. Who would believe that Chinese cars can still be exported, and they have become the second in the world, and may even become the first!

In fact, since 2007 and 2008, China has surpassed the United States and become the largest contributor to global economic growth. It can be said that without such a huge contribution from China, it would be unimaginable for the world economy to grow substantially. It is not even an exaggeration to say that if it were not for the contribution made by China, the economies of many countries may completely collapse during the new crown epidemic!

Recently, some experts pointed out that both the West and the United States must clearly admit that they have made two strategic mistakes against China!

One is to underestimate the vitality of China’s social development model.

American thinkers naively believe that with the increase of China’s middle-income group, it may eventually promote China’s Westernization and allow China to adopt a Western political system.

However, now they are disappointed and even start to regret letting China into the WTO. It should be said that the United States has only achieved half of its wishes. The life of the Chinese people has indeed become better, and the number of high-income groups and middle-income groups has indeed increased. However, to the disappointment of the United States, China is more confident in its own social system. up!

The second is to underestimate the creativity of the Chinese people.

The West believes that China will never be able to reach the level of the United States in the field of technology, and will always become a slave to provide cheap goods for the United States and the West.

It should be said that half of the wish of the United States has been achieved. Chinese goods are indeed cheaper than those of the United States. Moreover, the price of any product that has been technologically breakthrough by China will drop significantly. This is equivalent to benefiting the people of all countries in the world, but it makes Western countries very unhappy. Because, they can no longer suck blood from developing countries!

However, the United States seriously underestimated the creative strength of the Chinese people! Today, China has surpassed the United States in many fields such as quantum computing, aerospace, hypersonic missiles, and 5G communications, which makes Americans very uncomfortable.

Interestingly, the speed at which Americans’ ideas are changing is also very surprising. Before, in the American media, the image of China has always been a poor and backward country, and it may even have a pigtail from the Qing Dynasty! Recently, Wang Yichuan, director of the Zhongshi Transportation Bureau in the foreground, even claimed that Ma Ying-jeou was cheated, “There is no backstop for the mainland high-speed rail.” As a result, Zhu Fenglian, the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China, was very angry.

It should be said that Americans are still knowledgeable. Some time ago, the U.S. Congress actually began to favor China, which was really beyond people’s surprise. It turned out that the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill claiming that China is already a developed country!

Although the original intention of the U.S. lawmakers is not to allow China to continue to enjoy various tax policies enjoyed by developing countries, the U.S. has already imposed high tariffs on Chinese goods. Therefore, this attempt by U.S. politicians is meaningless .

However, they inadvertently helped China make an advertisement. Now that the United States considers China to be a developed country, this shows that China’s reasoning is correct!

However, we are conscious of ourselves. China has repeatedly stated that China’s goal is not to surpass the United States, let alone become the United States. However, it should be admitted that the voices of the United States on the Chinese Internet are very powerful. They even believe that China will soon replace the United States as the hegemon of the world!

It should be said that this idea is unrealistic! This kind of nationalism is also very dangerous!

We must admit that the United States is still one of the most powerful countries in the world. It still leads militarily, economically and culturally. However, everything is changing, and change takes time!

As long as we make no mistakes and strive for more than 20 years of peaceful development opportunities, a more open, more confident and stronger China will definitely impress the world!

And if the United States continues to be selfish, complacent, and conservative, it will definitely be surpassed by China! This is not the author instigating, but the law of history!