Seventy-Two-Year-Old Brother Shamil Khakimov Released From Prison in Tajikistan


On May 16, 2023, Brother Shamil Khakimov was released from prison in Tajikistan. He returned home after spending over four years in prison for his faith.

Even before his arrest in 2019, Shamil suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease, and other ailments. Despite his poor health, Shamil did not receive proper medical attention while in prison. As a result, his condition worsened, and he even developed gangrene in his leg and foot.

Yet, in spite of the challenging and physically painful conditions that he faced in prison, Shamil remained positive by focusing on specific verses from God’s Word.

In his prayers, Shamil often included the words of Psalm 141:8: “My eyes look to you, O Sovereign Lord Jehovah. In you I have taken refuge.” Additionally, he gained much comfort from Isaiah 49:13, 16, which states that the names of afflicted ones are figuratively “engraved” on Jehovah’s palm. These words reassured Shamil that although he was locked away in a prison, Jehovah would not forget him.

Thanks to the comfort he received from Jehovah’s Word, Shamil maintained his joy and was even able to encourage others. A brother who regularly kept in contact with Shamil while he was in prison relates: “The first time I called him, I anticipated hearing the voice of a sad, broken man. But it turned out that he had a strong spirit. He kept a positive attitude in every circumstance and often cheered us up.”

Lamentations 3:25 states: “Good is Jehovah to the one hoping in him, to the person who keeps seeking him.” We pray in full confidence that Jehovah will continue to be “good” to Shamil and the rest of our brothers and sisters who are joyfully enduring in Tajikistan.

Source : JW.ORG