Kazakhstan’s Population Surpasses 19.7 Million


ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s population has reached 19,765,004 million as of  Jan. 1, according to a report by the Kazakh Bureau of National statistics released on Feb. 2.

Over the past year, the growth rate was 1.3 percent or around 260,000 more people annually.

The urban population constitutes the majority of the country, with nearly 12.2 million (62 percent) living in cities, while the rural population constitutes 7.5 million (38 percent). The city of Almaty and the Turkistan region ranked as the most populated Kazakhstan areas, surpassing 2 million people each. The Kazakh capital has a population of 1.3 million people.

The official data on the Kazakh regions’ gender and age ratio is expected on Feb. 13, according to the bureau. 

Source: Astana Times