Uzbekistan-Turkey: First freight train arrives at destination via new transit corridor


On 3 December, the first freight train from Turkey to Uzbekistan arrived in Tashkent.

Within the framework of the Summit of Presidents of the Organization of Turkic States held in the city of Samarkand in November this year, an agreement was reached on the creation and development of new transport transit corridors. As a result of this agreement, the first freight train of 40 wagons arrived in Tashkent today from Turkish Izmir, from the Gumrukh station.

It is noteworthy that this train is the first freight train on the route “Turkey – Iran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan”. Currently, more than 250 wagons are planned to arrive on this route.

It should be noted that this route has great development potential, and is an additional route for the transportation of Uzbek goods in international traffic and is the fastest and most convenient way for domestic entrepreneurs to send export goods from Uzbekistan to Turkey, as well as deliver imported goods.

Of course, all these steps and measures taken by our state will make it possible to effectively use the existing transport and communication networks and infrastructure in the region, as well as significantly reduce the time and financial costs of transporting foreign trade goods in the direction of the main world and regional markets.

Source: uzdaily