Two Tajiks Detained After Launching Balloons Over Red Square


The authorities claim that the flag of Ukraine was attached to the balloons.

In Moscow, two people were detained on charges of launching four balloons with the flag of Ukraine over Red Square. The citizens of Tajikistan turned out to be detained, the Baza Telegram channel reports .

A flying flag in blue and yellow colors was noticed on the afternoon of May 12th. According to the channel, the balloons were launched by people who stopped in an Opel car near Red Square. Immediately after the launch, they left.

“An hour later, the security forces stopped the foreign car. Two natives of Tajikistan, 30-year-old Alisher Kodirov and 27-year-old Bakhrom Usmonov, were sitting inside.

According to the comrades, the poster was in pink-violet-yellow colors, on it was the inscription “Thank you for your daughter.”

Photo Global look press

Nevertheless, administrative protocols were drawn up against the detainees under several articles: for violating the regime of stay on the territory of Russia and discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, Kirill Kabanov,  believes that this is not an accident.

“This impudent provocative act in the very center of Moscow with balloons and Ukrainian flags is not an accident. I am sure that these Tajiks were well aware of what they were doing and were clearly aware of their actions, thereby showing their true position,” commented Kirill Kabanov in your Telegram channel.

He wrote that it has long been known, although not everyone wants to believe it, that the Central Asian diasporas in Russia are under close scrutiny not only of the banned ISIS, but also of the Ukrainian special services and the special services of unfriendly states. 

“And this is only the beginning, if the most stringent measures are not taken. After this, of course, it is necessary to strengthen control measures,” he said.

Source: asiaplustj