The First Small Shoe Manufacturing Enterprise Started Operating in Khorog


The first small shoe manufacturing enterprise has been launched in the city of Khorog in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, NIAT Khovar reports.

Prior to the launch of the enterprise, the management attracted and trained 42 local residents for three months in the use of shoe tools and machines.

“Now out of these 42 people, eight people have been involved in the work, after the enterprise fully begins its activities, the number of employees will be increased. Over 40 machine tools were made in China,” said Azam Akhrulloev, an entrepreneur from Khujand, who founded this enterprise.

He explained the reason for establishing an enterprise in Khorog by the presence of a large number of small and large livestock in this region and the absence of a leather processing enterprise. Currently, raw materials are imported from Turkey.

Along with this, negotiations are underway with employees of livestock farms and individuals involved in breeding livestock. It is expected that a small leather processing plant will be built in Khorog next year, and in the future, shoes will be made from local leather.

The new shoe factory will produce more than 3,000 pairs of men’s shoes per month, which will be put up for sale in stores and markets in cities and districts of the region. Also, the company will sew shoes by order of customers.

Source : Avesta