Prices for New Crop Onions Collapsed in Two Days in Tajikistan


In just a couple of days, onion prices in Tajikistan have almost halved and currently, stand at about $0.28/kg. This is reported by EastFruit experts.

At the same time, according to market participants, onions of the new crop meet the minimum quality parameters required for their exports.

If the current ban on the export of onions from the country is not lifted soon, the country’s farmers will face a real disaster. The market still has significant stocks of last year’s onions, which were sold at fairly high prices yesterday, and today no one really needs them.

Taking into account the high prices for onions, farmers have expanded the areas of onion plantations, especially of early varieties.

Now Tajikistan has a great opportunity to export onions, as prices in many other countries of the region, as well as in Eastern Europe, are very high.

Unfortunately, early onions do not store well. Therefore, if the ban is not lifted in the coming days, everyone will suffer losses: both farmers and the state, which will lose millions of dollars in export earnings.

Market participants assume that if the export ban is not lifted, the price of onions will drop to almost zero.

The fact is that farmers in the south of Tajikistan use the area of ​​land allotments as efficiently as possible, growing three crops per season. On this, we wrote an interesting article.

After harvesting the early onions, they need to plant the next crop immediately, so they will sell the onions at the price they are offered. If nothing is offered, they will simply dispose of onions.

Source : EastFruit