OSCE Backs Central Asia’s Green Economy Forum for Sustainability


Common Goals for Sustainable Development of the Central Asian Region took place in Bishkek. The Forum brought together representatives from Central Asian countries and international experts in the field of sustainable business and management to discuss common challenges and find solutions for scaling green initiatives.

This year, the Forum delved into best international practices of interaction between the public and private sectors and tools to stimulate the “greening” of the private sector to promote global integration, as well as recognize potential sectorial initiatives in Central Asia for their coordinated promotion at the global level.

First Deputy Chair of the Cabinet of Ministers Adylbek Kasymaliev emphasized the Kyrgyz Republic’s commitment to the gradual decrease of the greenhouse emissions by 2050. “SDGs are the basis of state policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, and we will accelerate the progress in achieving the SDGs where green economy is the core of our commitment. We are working on the current economy’s transformation to the green economy through attracting green investment, developing renewable energy sources and introducing “clean” transportation”.

“The OSCE is diligently promoting the development of the green economy by supporting the improvement of the legislative framework, the implementation of key measures and plans in accordance with the Green Economy Development Programme. We also provide ongoing support to the Kyrgyz Republic in the implementation of strategic legal, economic and institutional reforms,” noted Alexander Eliseev, Acting Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek.

With its development partners the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek is committed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and will continue to provide multilateral support to the Kyrgyz Republic on transitioning to the green economy and enhancing regional co-operation.

Source : Mirage