No Afghan Student Enrolled in Uzbekistan’s Education Center in Two Years


An official of the center said that they have the capacity to enroll at least 800 students, including those from Afghanistan.

“The main purpose of the center is to attract Afghan youth to continue their education to return to their country and serve their people. For now, we have the capacity of 800 students at the center,” said Farukh Ramazanov, the deputy head of students’ affairs at the center.

Afghan students at the center said they hope more students from Afghanistan are enrolled there.

“Our lecturers are coming from Tashkent and our lessons are going on well,” said Mir Rahman Mahir, a student.

“A good environment is provided for us at the center,” said Abdul Qader Amini, a student.

The students said they hope that the railway sector will improve in Afghanistan so that more jobs are created in this sector.

“We hope that more jobs are provided in this sector so that we can serve Afghanistan,” said Bek Mohammad Mohammadi, a student.

“I will return to my country and will serve my people,” said Gul Ahmad, a student.

The Ministry of Higher Education did not comment on the matter.

More than 100 Afghan students are studying at the center and there are facilities for 700 more students, according to its officials.

Source : Tolo News