Nineteen children stranded in Armenia return to Stepanakert, Ombudsman says

Arm Radio

Nineteen children separated from their parents and family for more than a month, returned home today though the Goris-Stepanakert road, Artsakh’s Human Rights Defender Gegham Stepanyan informs.

The children were accompanied from Goris to Stepanakert by the Russian peacekeeping troops.

The car was stopped by Azerbaijanis in Shushi-Karin Tak section, where the Azerbaijani government agents pretending to be “eco-activists” and the journalists serving them are stationed. A group of 10-15 Azerbaijanis with cameras and in civilian clothes approached the car, some of them broke into the car and filmed the children in the car.

The provocative actions of the Azerbaijanis caused a commotion in the car, and one of the children fainted as a result.

The Azerbaijanis were removed from the car by Russian peacekeepers. As the car was passing through the blocked section of the road, Azerbaijanis demonstratively shouted in the direction of the vehicles transporting the children.

“This insolent behavior of the agents of the Azerbaijani government is an arbitrary and illegal interference in the private life of children, an illegal encroachment on their psychological integrity, honor and reputation. These criminal actions completely reveal their true goals and desires,” the Ombudsman said in a statement.

“The ethnic hatred of Azerbaijanis towards Armenians knows no bounds, targeting even minor children.
This provocative and criminal action once again proves the fact that the road is blocked and that safe travel is impossible, even when accompanied by Russian peacekeepers.

Source : Arm Radio