More Than 70 Russian Teachers Teach in Tajikistan


Six years have passed since the start of the Russian Teacher Abroad project in Tajikistan. As  Mir 24 writes , it was launched as part of a humanitarian program, and Tajikistan became the first participating country. More than 70 Russian teachers work in 22 schools in the capital and other settlements of the republic.

Families of Russian teachers are provided with accommodation and paid for travel by public transport. If you need any household items, they are also provided. Last year, a washing machine and a TV set were bought for the teacher’s couple Zalilovs.

The project was so successful that the number of teachers almost tripled. Now 75 teachers from different regions of Russia work in schools. The salary is formed from two sides: the receiving party pays a part, the rest is Russia. Teachers are involved in various projects through the embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo.

Teachers not only work in Dushanbe, but also in other cities, including Khujand, Kulyab, Bokhtar and Khorog. The presence of Russian teachers creates high competition for places in the classes where they teach.

Source : SGN.TODAY