Matchinsky District of Tajikistan Starts Production of Peanuts for Export


President Emomali Rahmon visited the Matchinsky district, where he inaugurated a processing and packaging plant for peanuts.

Through a technological line, the process of cleaning the peanut’s kernels, sorting them into different types and grades, and packaging them into various containers is carried out. The daily processing capacity of peanuts is more than 40 tons and over 10,000 tons per year. With the launch of the “Jafar” enterprise, a large volume of peanuts processing and production will be established in attractive packaging for export. This allows the sale of processed peanuts at a higher price than raw materials, providing greater economic benefits.

The creation and organization of a processing plant in the district is yet another commendable step towards showcasing Tajikistan farmers’ products in the global market and increasing the profitability of the industry.

Source : Freshplaza