Kazakhstan Began to Supply Vegetable Oil to Tajikistan More Than Russia


 Kazakhstan accounted for 70% of Tajikistan’s vegetable oil imports, surpassing Russia, Avesta reports, Azernews reports, citing Central Asian Light.

Moreover, under certain conditions, Kazakhstan has the potential to fully supply Central Asian countries with sunflower oil. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Oilseed Processors (NAOP) of Kazakhstan, Yadikar Ibragimov, in Dushanbe.

During the V Consultative Meeting of Central Asian Leaders held in the capital of Tajikistan, Expo Central Asia 2023 showcased Kazakhstani oil and fat products to the heads of Central Asian states. It was revealed during the exhibition that sunflower oil production has doubled in Kazakhstan over the last two seasons.

Ibragimov attributes this leap to measures aimed at developing the processing industry. According to NAOP’s estimation, Kazakhstan can fully meet Central Asia’s demand for sunflower oil in the next 5 years. Achieving this goal will also align with President Tokayev’s directive to increase the export of processed products.

Source : Azernews