Gazprom Kyrgyzstan talks gas supply, investments in country’s gas sector


Gazprom Kyrgyzstan – a subsidiary of the Russian PJSC “Gazprom” has invested more than $400 million in the country’s gas industry since 2016, Trend reports citing the company.

Gazprom Kyrgyzstan has been implementing an investment program related to gas supply in Kyrgyzstan, as part of which over 1,100 km of gas distribution networks have been built.

Trend News Agency

In addition, within the framework of the project, all the main gas transmission facilities in the north of the country were upgraded.

“Today, the level of gas supply of Kyrgyzstan has reached 38 percent, 200,000 residents of the country have received access to natural gas. Gazprom Kyrgyzstan is confidently moving towards reaching 60 percent by 2030,” the company said.

Source : Trend News Agency