First Successful Tajikistan Investment & Development Forum


London, 3 April 2023 (TDI): The Embassy of Tajikistan in the United Kingdom (UK) and Northern Ireland successfully organized the first-ever Tajikistan Investment and Development Forum with the cooperation of the Tajikistan Government.

The Forum attracted more than 250 attendees, including directors and representatives of well-known international companies and corporations, officials of national ministries and departments, and entrepreneurs and investors.

The Tajikistan delegation was led by the Committee on Investments and State Property Management Chairman, Sadi Qodirzoda.

The primary goal of Tajikistan’s Investment and Development Forum was to promote economic and investment relations and open communication between merchants, investors, and officials from both nations.

The summit featured plenary and theme-based sessions and bilateral meetings between government and business leaders in “business to business (B2B)” and “business to government (B2G)” formats.

A Tajik commodities display highlighted the country’s mining, industrial, agriculture, tourism, and banking sectors.

The exhibition also gave international businesspeople comprehensive details on the business environment, investment potential in various sectors, and specific investment projects for further consideration.

At the two-day Convention, government delegations, businesspeople, and private corporations from Tajikistan and the UK inked 23 new cooperation agreements worth over 370 million US dollars.

These agreements will assist in presenting Tajikistan’s export potential, attracting additional investment, and importing new technologies.

Additionally, it is anticipated that Tajikistan and the UK will improve their bilateral commercial and business ties due to the Investment and Development Forum of Tajikistan.

At the closing of the Tajikistan Investment and Development Forum, a cultural and entertainment program was held to commemorate the International Holiday of Navruz, with guests from the Forum and the heads of London’s foreign missions in attendance.

Renowned and gifted Tajik performers showcased the sophisticated culture of the Tajik people, mesmerizing the audience in the meantime.

Source: The Diplomatic Insight