EAEU Intergovernmental Council takes place in Minsk

The Astana Times

The future of Eurasian integration is being discussed these days in Minsk by the prime ministers of the EAEU. All meetings will be held in person. The two-day negotiating marathon started today with bilateral meetings. Our Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko held talks with the head of the Uzbek government, Abdulla Aripov. Uzbekistan has the status of an observer in the integration. Mutual trade is on the agenda. It is on the rise. The potential allows to further increase volumes. The parties expressed mutual interest in enhancing cooperation. The Belarusian Prime Minister also noted that our country highly appreciates Uzbekistan’s partnership approach amid the sanctions pressure.

Roman Golovchenko, Prime Minister of Belarus:

There is a positive dynamic in almost all directions. This is very important, especially in this difficult time for our country. As you know, the Republic of Belarus has become a target for massive political and economic pressure from the collective West. You can clearly see that we are coping with these challenges, including with the support of our traditional partners, with whom we are developing stable trade and economic ties.

Abdulla Aripov, Prime Minister of Uzbekistan:

Our economies complement each other. We see potential in bringing bilateral trade turnover between the two countries to $1 billion. In the coming years, our heads of state have set us a task.

The Uzbek delegation also visited the High Tech Park, got familiar with working conditions and residents’ developments. A similar platform uniting IT-companies of the country has been functioning in Tashkent for several years. Many approaches, implemented in the Belarusian HTP, were used in its creation.

Source : TVR