Developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Policy on Car Sharing and Carpooling Initiatives – Tajikistan


In the framework of a project on strengthening the capacity of Central Asian countries to develop sustainable urban mobility policy on car sharing and carpooling initiatives, a first study was published by UNECE, focusing on a possible emergence and development of shared mobility services in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. It provided guidelines considering the best practices related to car sharing and carpooling in the public and private sectors.

This publication presents the local context in Tajikistan related to urban transport and sustainable mobility, but also the legal aspects to consider for the development of car sharing and carpooling services in Dushanbe. It also provides a For Future Inland Transport Systems (ForFITS) assessment and gives recommendations on the setting up of car sharing and carpooling services in Dushanbe, based on discussions held with local and national stakeholders.

Source : Unece