Armenia challenges Russia

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The Russian military presence is not everlasting in Armenia. Armenia is moving toward normalizing relations with its neighbors, creating a platform of good-neighborly relations to ensure possible future development.

This is the program of our political team, says Gurgen Arsenyan, a member of the Armenian parliament from the ruling Civil Contract faction, according to Armenian media.

He added that Armenia’s political leadership in the 1990s viewed Russian military presence as a “lifeline” for the country, referring to the existential threat posed by Turkey.

“They were pointing at Turkey… The overarching goal of the Russian military presence on the Turkish border is not to preserve Armenia, but to threaten Turkey in the first place… But Turkey has not threatened us, there has been no instance of Turkey threatening us since the recognition of Armenia’s independence,” the MP said.

According to him, if there are no Russian military in Armenia, it will become a country that poses no threat, including to Turkey.

“Because how can Armenia with its capacity threaten Turkey? We will turn into a neighbor that poses no threat to this country, just like to Georgia or Iran, and in this case the manifestations of the Russian paradigm will stop,” Arsenyan said.

Source : Aze Media